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Note: This is about Netlify’s hosting service and should not be confused with the Netlify CMS.

You can use Netlify to build your Jekyll site—see the notes on usage limits below—or your can build your site locally and push the files to a deploy branch which Netlify will serve.


When form submissions are emailed, the subject lines have “[Netlify]” appened (e.g. “[Netlify] New Form Submission”). This has been an issue for years and the team has said in April 2021 that they have no intention of fixing this since it “doesn’t drive revenue [for Netlify].” If you are using this forms feature for clients, and wish not to have that in the subject, the only option is to use a third-party service.

Usage Limits

The free tier (no credit card needed) starts at 100GB per month and 300 build minutes per month if you choose to use their build service. Netlify also offers serverless functions and forms for free with options to increase usage. See their pricing page for details: