This site is a work-in-progress. Some of the information is incomplete and may not work as described. See the homepage for details.

Most people looking for a CMS will not be interested in Jekyll Admin. The biggest issue is you need to have a Ruby development environment your computer to use it. You will also need an understanding of how to commit your changes via git, even if through a GUI.


  • Override frontmatter defaults (set in config) per post.
  • Informs you when you have unsaved changes before leaving the page.
  • You can hide specified parts of the site. For example the /assets/ directory or the configuration file.


  • Jekyll Admin will delete your comments when editing yaml or json in the GUI view.
  • No preview before saving when editing pages/posts. (there is a preview of the markdown so you can spot errors, but no preview on the frontend.)
  • Error: Could not fetch the config. (When using multiple configs.)
  • No image adder